26 juillet 2009

Suzon Fuks - Liquid skin

Suzon Fuks - Liquid skin Site : Igneous Page sur You TubeSuzon Fuks is a Belgian-born and Australia-based dancer and choreographer. “Fragmentation” caught our attention because it is a performance piece, choreographed specifically for the camera, with a very strong narrative quality. We asked Suzon to tell us more about her background and creative interests, and how she worked with her “Fragmentation” collaborators: "Fragmentation" has been partially made during a residency at Dance4, Nottingham, UK. Rob... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2009

Suzon Fuks - Rings - #1 à #6

Suzon Fuks - Rings Site : Igneous Page sur You Tubewith James Cunningham, Helen Varley Jamieson, Scotia Monkivitch and Suzon Fuks. Improvised choreography multi-reprojected on body parts, counterpointed by a text by Fernand Shirren, Maurice Bejart's music advisor and rhythm teacher of many dancers and choreographers
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14 avril 2009

Suzon Fuks - Thanatonautes, navigateurs de la mort

Suzon Fuks  Thanatonautes, navigateurs de la mort Site : Igneous Page sur You Tube Suzon Fuks is a director, choreographer and multimedia artist exploring the integration and interaction of dance and moving image through performance, screen, installation and online work.Born in Brussels in 1959, trained in dance, theatre & music at Lilian Lambert Academy (69-76) and completed her Masters in Visual Arts at La Cambre (79-84). She has lived in Australia since 1996 and has been co-artistic director of multimedia... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2009

Fragmentation - Suzon Fuks

Suzon Fuks Site : Igneous Page sur You Tube  
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